raising - lowering ⠀ of your boat

We undertake the raising and lowering of your boat with safety and reliability.

Lifting and launching a boat are actions that require experience and professionalism. That's why our specialized staff is here to ensure the best and correct conditions for the entry and exit of your boat into the water.

Towing - launching from the slide with a trailer and our own means.

"Αφετηρία για μία ξέγνοιαστη βόλτα"

Boat lifting-lowering using crane and hydraulic trailer.

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Always safety in mind.


Μεταφορά σκάφους 50 πόδια 18 τόνους με το υδραυλικό μας τρέιλερ.

Προσπαθούμε καθημερινά να γινόμαστε καλύτεροι και με αγάπη γι’αυτο που κάνουμε